The past decade has seen increased consolidation with amplified merger and acquisition activity. TWZ LAW incorporates globalisation by expanding our service offering beyond our core practice of law, to related skills, that complement our legal expertise.


Our expanded service offerings respond to growing client willingness to reimagine the role of the traditional law firm as an integrated business partner and overall coordinator of not only the core services; but ensuring that the work of outsourced professionals is consistent with the needs of the project; delivered in an efficient and cost-effective way, and acceptable against global standards of quality in an environment of increased regulation and compliance.

Our combined and supportive professional competencies are maintained 'in house' eliminating the need to disaggregate work between various service providers, retaining the privilege and confidentiality with a law firm acting at its centre. 

Where appropriate we consider flexible payment arrangement and/or methods of payment including Digital currencies and PayPal, to maximize value and foster long term relationships with our clients.

Legal Services

Full suite of legal services delivered globally

Tax Services

Global tax advisory and assistance


We assist with all aspects of your Mauritius relocation strategy


Security, training and project management solutions for the Mining - Energy - Maritime, and High Risk Clientele industries.


Specialist maritime security advisory focussed on vulnerability assessments; human resource development; protection of sovereign ocean resources; offshore seismic- Hydrocarbon exploration & production reporting & analysis, and Project based Risk services


Bespoke competencies in technological developments offering solutions to established businesses, start-up conceptualization and institutional consultancy.
Key focus on payment platforms, digital assets, blockchain based solutions, analytics, AI, VR and Intellectual Property.

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