Drilling and exploration

Supported exploration and drilling operations in the Somali and Rovuma Basin

Specialist maritime qualifications.

Port Facility Security Compliant: IMO

Health & Safety

Experienced HSSE management consulting throughout MENA and East Africa Islands

Protection of sovereign ocean resources

Monitoring, evaluation and surveillance to ensure integrity of maritime boundaries.

Our Risk consultant is experienced in assessing, creating framework and building capacity to operationalise offshore resources throughout the Indian Ocean, and advises on National Key Point Risk.

                OFFSHORE SEISMIC


Our specialist operators and management team have wide-ranging experience and knowledge of delivering and managing project solutions in coastal regions,  delivering comprehensive support frameworks of 2D, 3D and 4D surveys in complex environments.


We deploy operators from reputable maritime safety and security backgrounds, allowing seamless integration into offshore operations. They are trained to work alongside local national security forces as well as advising and supporting the master and crew, especially at times of crisis.


We thoroughly understand QHSE and are committed to maintaining the highest industry standards.






Hydrocarbon exploration and production carry inherent risks, which require specific attention to  to safely protect a Company's personnel, assets and reputation.


We provide risk assessments & safety and security consultancy in order to advise on appropriate risk mitigation measures. We work with our clients to tailor safety and security strategies around their needs, integrating these solutions seamlessly into existing procedures. We provide services and personnel suited to these specialist areas:




                                 Pipe / Cable Laying

                                 Platform Protection & Moves

                                 Drop Coring

                                 Vessel Security Assessment

                                 Area Specific Crew Safety Training

                                 Drilling and Platforms






Our flagship reporting and analysis platform,  THE SIGNAL ROOM, is an online platform for decision-makers to projects that could affect personnel and operations in identified countries of interest.


The platform allows the user to choose their preference of receiving daily or weekly emails; summarising and analysing these developments, enabling proactive decisions relating to business operations and staff safety.

Subscribers receive online and emailed ‘analysis briefings’ outlining prevailing developments shaping the social, political and economic outlook for identified countries of interest.


Briefing distribution is on an ad-hoc basis and platform users are able to generate their own travel safety reports for destinations of interest.  







We assist with project-specific intelligence reports and reporting requirements. Providing a range of business intelligence solutions, including corporate record retrieval, litigation checks, site visits and human resource enquiries.


We provide intelligence and support to our broad-based clientele travelling, residing, and operating across the African continent.


The Risk team prides itself on being continent level experts with the strongest possible conception of country-specific risks and their impact on our clients.

The risk division's clients include international NGOs, mining consultancies, major banks, Fortune 500 companies, and SMEs. 


Our analysis of political risk on the African continent is often sought by major international news media agencies.