Risk Advisory
Risk Advisory

Our network of qualified legal professionals throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East are perfectly positioned to assist South Africans who live and work abroad, South African businesses operating in and through different jurisdictions, as well as global businesses wishing to expand their business operations across different jurisdictions.





Our legal professionals in Mauritius are perfectly positioned to assist individuals and businesses entering the Mauritius market to establish and navigate their operations throughout Africa and across multiple jurisdictions.

Our legal team offers a full service portfolio focussed on the following services: 

We work with reputable Mauritian lawyers for the provision of domestic legal services and manage the brief as a collaborative project.

Reputable legal talent

Global Network  offering flexible legal teams

Experienced deal facilitation

Expert litigation

Mergers & Acquisitions including deal facilitation and negotiation

Contractual drafting, vetting and advisory

Corporate & Commercial 

 Insolvency & Liquidations

Arbitration & Dispute resolution

Intellectual Property

Wills, Estates and Trusts 

Property law and Conveyancing  

Family Law & Divorce

Entertainment Law

Medical Law & Personal Injury